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First Nations
Project Management 
Turn Key Service 

Boreal Construction has been building homes for First Nations since 1998 and we have been partnering with Guildcrest Modular Homes since 2000 to successfully complete sixteen First Nation housing projects totaling 120 units.


In doing so we have become a dependable and affordable Contractor that builds housing projects that are on schedule and on budget.


We have always been able to team up with local business and local workers to maximise the positive affects on the local economy while still being able to meet budgets and schedules.


We’ve also been involved in developing, designing and building a 15 units Senior’s Home using SIP panels and a Geo-Slab foundation. Since 2008 we have successfully built close to 50 homes in Attawapiskat a remote community on the James Bay coast bringing in materiel by train, trucks on winter roads and barges in the summer.


We have built many traditional stick frame houses when we were requested to do so.


All of these units totaling over 175 were completed by using two to three employees from Boreal and the rest of the workforce was always hired on from the local communities and we always respect local customs and policies.

Boreal Construction has been assigned Project Management responsibilities on several significant projects, all of which came in on or under budget.

We accomplish these results by respecting a very precise and thorough Project Management Task List which encompasses what we refer to as the:

           Boreal Construction

           4 Phases to Success.

In simple terms, we systematically observe the following guidelines which results in meeting or exceeding projected outcomes on every project.

  1. Design Phase

  2. Pre-Construction Phase

  3. Construction Phase

  4. Post- Construction Phase


We consider it a privilege to manage a project on behalf of a client and therefore we conduct business in a manner which fosters trust and the client’s 100% satisfaction with our work.

Reach out to arrange a preliminary Project Management meeting at your convenience.

Boreal Construction has enjoyed a number of business relationships with both singular private investors and private equity groups who have commissioned us to deliver a product that is ready for immediate use. 


Our primary role is to provide consultancy services to ensure that the project is both feasible and worthy of being categorized as a proper real estate investment.

We work alongside with the investors to develop a pro-forma forward looking investment profile which factors in input costs, projected revenues, projected capital appreciation and marketability.

If history serves us as the baseline for our future success in this area, we can comfortably say that the future is very bright indeed.

If you have a residential, commercial or institutional real estate project in mind, we invite you to reach to us for an initial consultation. 

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